Live Complexity Leadership Consulting: Brought to You by Every Nurse is a Leader

Live Complexity Leadership Consulting was founded in 2015 to help you get what you really want, personally and professionally.  I will guide you to get the results you want.  I can personalize a program to meet your needs. Do you want to:

  • develop & improve leadership skills
  • build a team
  • decrease your stress
  • sleep better
  • improve customer service
  • develop positive relationships
  • manage your time
  • achieve your dreams

Complexity Science and Leadership

Complexity Science

Science doesn’t often come to mind when one thinks of leadership.  In recent years however, complexity sciences have made their way into leadership bringing us to complexity leadership.

The Basics of Complexity Science

Over the years we have learned that everything is connected.  O’Grady & Malloch (2011) describe complexity science in a simple way reminding us that events in one part of the universe have some kind of an effect on what happens in other parts.  The link between and among events form the basis for complexity science.  The interrelationships and inter-dependencies occurring in human relationships must be considered and examined when working together, but especially when forming and building teams.  Leaders must weigh and understand the myriad interrelationships and inter-dependencies that exist in any group or organization when striving to be the best.


Complexity Leadership

The nonlinear, dynamic, often ambiguous, and relationship based leadership that has evolved from complexity science form the basis of complexity leadership.  The complexity leader model is very different from the traditional hierarchical, top-down, do as I say leadership model.

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