What do you really want? Sometimes we don’t have what we want because we have not yet identified what that is.  I will work with you to uncover your heart’s deepest desires and together we will devise a plan to guide you to get what you really want.

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The following programs are offered:

  • Personal Life Coach
  • Building Effective Teams
  • Improved Communication
  • Conflict Resolution Training
  • Leadership Development (personal & organizational)

Programs are developed using information gathered from experience, education, & the following:


phone: 403-561-0185


Elaine is such a great listener.  She has helped me learn new relaxation techniques.  Along with other coaching tools, she uses a program called HeartMath that allows me to get immediate feedback on my state of inner coherence.  Elaine has helped me to look inside myself and find my own answers to the issues that are holding me back.”


Hi Elaine! I was thinking about you today! I was thinking about all of the great work you did with implementing the outreach program and how you were so great working with a multitude of personalities. QI work is hard! But you have always inspired me, and I often think “what would Elaine do?”