Elaine Rose

IMG_8796Over 30 years as a registered nurse (RN) Elaine, now retired from nursing, has been successful working at the bedside caring for patients in intensive care and coronary care, as an assistant manager, project coordinator, and an assistant professor of nursing.  Recently she completed a Doctor of Management in Organizational Leadership (May, 2015) from the University of Phoenix.  Elaine is also a Certified HeartMath™ Coach.  Elaine recently became a certified Life Coach to further her skills.

A passion for developing the leadership skills of nurses grew along with a realization that everyone needs leadership skills every day.  On further examination, Elaine realized the skills of leadership are skills of life from which everyone can benefit.

Elaine founded Live Complexity Leadership Consulting Corp. in 2015 to help you get what you really want, personally and professionally.

Learn more about Elaine at http://www.elaine-rose.com/