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I Made it! Week 5: Personal Power

According to the study Personal power is the ability to keep yourself in a positive state of being, even when it’s been a rough day. This is the statement that welcomed us to Week 5 of the research study. The week is now behind me & I’m on to Week 6.

Your Destiny is Determined by the Choices You Make. Choose Now, Choose Wow!”

Tony Robbins

It was a tough week, though I don’t know if it was related to study activities. On the 3rd day of activity for the study, it was not the usual yoga; it was breathwork & meditation. The breathwork was tough at times. The Bellows Breath was one of the breathing exercises & it wore me right out, as it has when I have tried it in the past. Who thought breathing would be an exercise that made you tired? Nonetheless, I did the activities. There are always bonus activities. I haven’t gotten to any of them yet, but I hope to before long.

The Behaviour Tip & Activity this week was to list behaviour changes that we made to our usual routine so that we could fit in the study activities. Personal Power comes from us determining our values. The suggestion from the study asked that we acknowledge our negative thoughts, but don’t focus on them. Then we were to look at them as an observer & decide what we would suggest to a friend having those negative thoughts. Next, we go back to our values & under each list 2 – 3 small changes we have made that contributed to our ability to stick with the study program & are supporting that value. These actions/changes reflect our success.

Nutrition this week focused on increasing Plant-Based Protein in our diet. Yes, we can also get protein from meat, fish, poultry & dairy but the focus was plant protein. This part isn’t difficult but needs some work from me. I am a prairie girl & love my beef. Chuck & I have been aware for some years that we need to cut down our red meat intake & have. We are eating more fish & more meat-free meals. We like a variety of beans, lentils, vegetables & fruit so we only need to change a few habits to decrease meats & add the plant-based protein. To start with we will start adding the non-meat protein more often & with time I am sure we will not miss the meat. Though I am not ready to go vegetarian I am very much in favour of decreasing our meat consumption.

I’m learning a great deal from participating in this study. I have started feeling better. I’m still incredibly tired much of the time & my energy is limited. But, I’m getting better & expect that to continue.

Watch for more next week.

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