Self-Care & Self-Leadership

What does self-leadership have to do with self-care? For that matter, what is self-leadership?

Self-Care is pretty straightforward, it is taking care of yourself.
Self-Leadership might not be quite as straightforward, but it is about leading yourself. What does that look like?

I believe we need self-leadership to be effective at practicing self-care.

Self-Leadership starts by taking a good look at yourself. Not just the outside, but dig deep to discover what you are really made of, what is important to you. Have you examined your personal values & beliefs? These are essential components of self-leadership. There is a great deal more involved & I will share those in future messages.

Self-care involves the day-to-day things we do; eat, sleep, exercise, or at least be active. In addition, you need to include your work, family time, hobbies, committees, community, & whatever else you do that is important to you.

If you honestly consume a healthy diet, get 7-9 hours of sleep, get regular exercise then you have a good start at self-care.

How much do you do for others? Are you chauffeuring your kids, parents, &/or spouse? Who is doing the house & yard work? Have you read a book recently? When is the last time you & your partner or friend spent some quality time doing something you both enjoy? This is a little more challenging with the current pandemic, but there are lots of ways to be social & safe.

Do you meditate? Do you practice mindfulness? What about your spiritual or religious beliefs? Do you spend the time you want in these areas?

As you spend your time working or caring for others, take just 1 minute & consider what you will do for yourself? Go for a walk, enjoy the sun & fresh air. Look at the clouds, see what shapes you can pick out. If you have a fireplace, light a fire & just sit & watch the flames. What relaxes you & revives your energy? That is what you need to do to care for you.

If you are leading yourself, you know these things are important & you will already be practicing at least some of them. Remember that what you do has an effect on everyone else – make sure that is a positive effect.

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