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Week 4 of research study: Thoughts

“The goal of meditation is not to control your thoughts, it’s to stop letting them control you”.

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It has been an interesting week. Still loving the study. The yoga is terrific, but sure is letting me know I am in horrid physical shape. But, I will persist with the yoga, the nutrition, & mindset & I know all will be better.

Once upon a time I was strong & flexible & did gymnastics. My strength is dwindling with age & my flexibility has declined significantly over the past year, maybe less. One yoga pose, the Yogi Squat was quite beyond me. I can do a bit of a squat, but it doesn’t look anything like the squat demonstrated. I’m sure practice will get me there eventually. There was no Tree pose this week, but I practiced it anyway because I believe that having good balance is something that helps keep the elderly more mobile. I have not found it easy to motivate myself to do the yoga. This is a bit of a surprise, as I have always enjoyed yoga & exercising. I wonder if it is because it has gotten harder for me? I hadn’t done any since mid-December. Nonetheless, I will do my yoga.

A nighttime activity was also added. The nighttime activity is simple breathing exercises to be done in bed. A combination of 8 deep abdominal breaths while on your back, then 16 while on your right side, & 32 on your left side.

Managing Thoughts is something that I am fairly good at doing. I think my yoga & meditation practices have helped me in that area. Aligning thoughts with values does require a bit more awareness. I still have negative thoughts about my health. As I sat with a specialist earlier today & he took a full history I realized that my ill health started about 7 years ago – that was a bit surprising to me as I hadn’t thought it had been that long, but that is when first symptoms started. Since 2017 I have had some scary health experiences that have left me weak, forgetful, & generally not feeling great. However, in the last few weeks, I think I have turned a corner, I’m feeling much better & I expect to continue to improve. Some days, at some times the dark thoughts creep in; I refuse to let them stay for long. I know everyone has dark thoughts at times – so I am just normal (if there really is a normal).

Nutrition this week focused on fiber. We do fairly good at getting fiber, but some of the whole-grain foods do not appeal to me at all. I have tried whole wheat pasta, brown rice they just don’t do it for me. I do like beans & quinoa. I also like fruits, vegetables, nuts, & seeds. I do have to pay attention to making sure I incorporate these things into my diet – I need to be aware. I have been finding I don’t have much of an appetite lately, along with fairly frequent nausea, which doesn’t go along with eating. You’d think I would lose weight. No, I am gaining. Definitely, time to get out into the sunshine for some walks.

This past Saturday participants in the study got together on a ZOOM call. We did some yoga & shared some stories. It was very good. I knew I wasn’t alone with this disease before, but actually talking to & seeing the faces of others with PBC made a huge difference. I hope we can all get together again. The plans for that are in the works.

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