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Week 8: Letting Go

The time is going by quickly, just 4 weeks left. I am so glad that we will have access to all the information, yoga, beliefs, & nutrition once the study is over. I have come a long way, but feel like I have only started & have much further to go.

It was another somewhat difficult week – darn nausea. But, I did better. One of the things that I love & made the week a bit easier for me was that one of the days was Breath Work & Meditation. The breath work is a bit of a workout, but it is one I can do & of course I love meditation (I think I am lazy at heart).

The Behaviour challenge for the week was where the the Letting Go comes from – Letting Go of negative thoughts. The practice suggestion is to write down the repetitive negative thought(s), then ask yourself – Is it true? Then ask – What evidence do I have it is true? If the negative thought is not true – What evidence do you have that it is not true? Make sure you write this down beside the thought. If not true ask yourself, what positive thought can you use to replace the negative thought? If the thought is true what do you need to do to make this negative thought not true? This might not come easily, it will likely take work, but it is well worth the effort.

The Nutrition tip this week relates to fats. The nutritionist provided a few recipes for polyunsaturated fats, which we need in our diets; these fats are important for good health. We want to stay away from saturated fats which are not good for our health.

At our house, we don’t have too much trouble with keeping the fats to the polyunsaturated, but we aren’t perfect – we do need to pay attention. The negative thoughts I have been able to make good strides on getting rid of those, but that is because I have been working on it for a long time with my HeartMath Program. I look forward to the next 4 weeks of the program & then to keep working to incorporate the information & practices into my daily life.

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