About Live Complexity Leadership Consulting & Every Nurse is a Leader


Live Complexity Leadership Consulting was founded in 2015 to help you get what you really want.

Every Nurse is a Leader was added in 2016; focusing on nurses, self-care for nurses, & nursing leadership.  Leadership is generally thought of as a position in an hierarchy: that is not my view.  I believe that every nurse is a leader & therefore, deserves to build his or her leadership skills.  Let’s get to the heart of nursing.

Working with me you will receive the tools to increase your energy, improve your sleep, & overcome stress & anxiety in numerous situations.  Learn more about yourself, how others might see you, & how you can better relate to others & improve relationships.

As a life coach, I can guide you to identify what you really want in life, setting your goals & identifying your needed actions to make those dreams come true.


My mission is to help nurses (& others) find their voice, build-up the leader within, & promote self-care.  The overarching mission of Live Complexity Leadership is to share my knowledge & experience of personal development, leadership & nursing.  Specifically, to inspire people to seek self-improvement & get what they really want from life.


Honesty, respect, compassion, & trustworthiness are the values by which Dr Elaine & Live Complexity Leadership operate.

Revised 21-April-2018


About Elaine


Having recently retired from her position as assistant professor of nursing, Dr Elaine is excited to share her knowledge & experience to get to the heart of nursing & empower nurses.  Nursing leadership & nursing self-care are key factors to the on-going growth of nursing & nurses; & to elimination of the “nurses eat their young” syndrome, that has gone on far too long.

Prior to retiring from nursing, Elaine successfully worked at the bedside caring for patients in intensive care and coronary care, being an assistant manager, a project coordinator, and an assistant professor of nursing.  Recently she completed a Doctor of Management in Organizational Leadership (May 2015) from the University of Phoenix.  Elaine is also a Certified HearthMath™ Coach.

A passion for developing the leadership skills of nurses grew along with a realization that everyone needs leadership skills every day.  On further examination Elaine realized the skills of leadership are the skills of life & are what make us human beings.

Dr Elaine founded Live Complexity Leadership Consulting Corp. in 2015 to help you get what you really want.