” I have been doing lessons with Elaine for many months now. Our lessons use basics from a program called Heart Math. The two combined has helped me immensely. I am able to get through stressful situations with a better outcome. Such as less emotional pain and damage unto myself. It can be easy to forget to listen to our bodies needs (both physical and psychological), but when you practice and apply techniques from Heart Math you become more prepared. It is like an artist with all the paints and paintbrushes they want as to before the artist would just stare at the canvas and had no art supplies, limiting themselves very much on what is in front of them. Now when I am faced with a real life situation I have all the tools. It can vary from “reframing” my thoughts, “breathing methods”, change of focus and many more.

I am not saying that my stress levels have magically disappeared, but I am saying I am much stronger and able to cope with my stressors. Which in the end makes a huge difference.

Therefore I highly recommend these sessions with Elaine. She is a great individual, willing to help and listen.”