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Elaine and Sadie, 2022

As a retired RN I continue to have a fervent desire to be of help to others. Overall, I have had a wonderful life (husbands, children, grandchildren, family, and friends; meaningful work, fun). The many ups and downs in my life have been learning opportunities. I have worked hard to learn and improve myself and to share what I learn. At times I have felt like I didn’t quite fit in or belong and that I was still searching for something. Though this still happens I am also content with my life. Being content, however, does not stop me from learning, trying new things, and exploring opportunities that arise. The world is full of wonder and excitement.

My mom had been divorced and we had little money while I was growing up. I married young, divorced young, and had two small children. I returned to school and became a nurse. I have experienced depression since my teens. Most of the time it is just there, controlled with medication. Over the last couple of years, I have been on a journey to get rid of the medication – it is working. I am so thrilled. However anti-depressants are only one of the medications I am determined to eliminate from my life, but it is a long journey of many small steps. I know I can control my blood pressure and get off that medication, but can I get my autoimmune diseases undercontrol and eliminate those drugs? I’m not sure, but it is worth a try. Health is all-encompassing. We cannot compartmentalize our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health – one influences the others; everything is connected.

The health scares and challenges of a few years back were a wake-up call for me. I realized that basic self-care: nutrition, rest, activity, social support network, and spirituality were all important if I wanted to really live and enjoy my life. As I explored my spirituality, I began doing regular meditation with a spiritual guide, did mindfulness exercises, and investigated and played with essential oils, crystals, and a variety of holistic methods to improve my health: I have been impressed with the results. I am now in better health than I have been for about 10 years. However, the journey continues as there is still room for major improvements.

I am a HeartMath (TM) Certified Trainer, Aromatherapy Practitioner, and a Life Coach. I have taken a plethora of self-development courses and workshops over the years and have learned valuable lessons. I have not given up on Western Medicine, I just happen to believe there is more to explore. As much as possible I want my life to be natural and enjoyable. We have much more control over our lives and health than most of us realize. Life and learning are never-ending journeys that I find fascinating. I love sharing what I discover with others and thus my website.

My passion and calling direct me to be of service. I first embraced my passion by becoming a nurse, that desire to help others prevails. I don’t believe ‘one size fits all’, and we can find what works for each of us if we keep an open mind and explore the myriad of options available. We are each unique, even though we are all one. I am passionate about guiding others to achieve the most beautiful life possible.

My wide array of knowledge and experience is open to you. Using HeartMath (TM) Techniques, Leadership skills, Health knowledge, Aromatherapy, Universal Laws, Personal Awareness, and a plethora of skills learned from an exciting life will support us as we discover our hidden abilities and talents. Taking time to clarify our values and beliefs to create the life of our dreams is one step I encourage everyone to pursue. We each deserve to have a beautiful life filled with health, love, kindness, respect, and peace. I look forward to chatting with you to create your beautiful life.

Over the years I have gone through numerous ‘detours’ on my life journey. I am retired and want to do what lights me up. As such, I have no plans to market my coaching or any courses. Marketing does not light me up. What brings a smile, and a sense of satisfaction includes connecting with others and sharing stories, supporting one another, and learning. I am open to and want to help others in a fun and relaxed manner that suits them and the authentic me. I am discovering what gives me joy and I hope to help others who connect to build their beautiful life. I am a strong believer in identifying and living by our values. I am sharing my values, so you know some of what is important to me.

If you are seeking something or just want to share your story – let’s talk. I have a feeling we can help each other be our authentic, joyful, blissful selves.

As a lifelong learner, I will continue to share my experiences and stories. I invite you to share yours with me and others. Just add some comments in the comment section of any of my blogs. Or message me to have a personal chat.

Join me on a journey to a fun, beautiful life filled with joy and calm.


My values, as an individual and business owner, include (but aren’t limited to) the following:

  • Family – which to me is anyone who gives a damn
  • Health – for me, family, and friends
  • Honesty – to self and others – being authentic
  • Humility – this doesn’t mean not being aware of personal accomplishments, but it means knowing and recognizing the role others play in my success
  • Compassion – not just for others, but for myself
  • Respect – this must include respect for self – without which we can’t truly respect others
  • Kindness – it is free – the world needs more
  • Love – this also includes self-love. It is easier to love others when we understand how to love ourselves unconditionally, we can then love others unconditionally.
  • Forgiveness – the world needs this. Forgiveness sets us free.
  • Freedom – starts with your mindset. If you are free to think and believe, you can be free.
  • A healthy environment and planet – a work in progress for everyone
  • Giving and helping others – but remembering the importance of self-care
  • Fun – we are meant to enjoy life, let’s have fun together.

Let’s Talk at a time that suits you.

Email me at: drelaine@drelaineleadership.

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