Every Nurse is a Leader


Competently transform your nursing practice through personal development, effective self-management & self-care skills.


Soft edges head shotThrough Every Nurse is a Leader you will learn:

  1. How to take control of your career & positively influence others.
  2. Self-care. How to apply Nursing’s Golden Rule: Take Care of Yourself First
  3. How to create & benefit from healthy, supportive relationships with patients & peers
  4. How to Unleash the Power of Empathetic Communication that heals & motivates
  5. How to Leverage the Art & Science of Leadership as a powerful tool to benefit teamwork, patient care, & build a healthy work environment


    Dr Elaine Rose BN, MHS

   Inspiring the heart of nursing

Dr Elaine has helped thousands of people during her career as a registered nurse providing direct patient care & support for patients, families, & loved ones.  Additionally, she has supported nurses in her roles as a program coordinator, an assistant manager, and as an assistant professor of nursing.

Since retiring from active nursing Dr Elaine continues to help people as a Certified HearthMath™ Coach.

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Key Note:

  • Build Nurses Up! Personal leadership to provide better care for yourself & others.


  • The Nurse Within: Dig into who you are
  • Nurses Together: Being part of a team
  • The Heart of the Nurse: Keys to working with Heart Math™

Contact Elaine at: elaine@leadnurses.com