Rose Essential Oil

The beautiful rose. I am drawn to the rose for several reasons. I was born in June and the flower of June is the rose.  June is also my middle name.  And my chosen last name, that of my husband.

I believe the essential oils we choose need to be scents that make us feel good, calm us, inspire us, help us feel better when we are ill, and I encourage you to keep that in mind as you choose oils for their many purposes. As I begin to incorporate essential oils into coaching, I will be providing information on various oils and their uses. Rose is the first.

Some Uses

A few drops of rose oil on your wrists or other pulse points makes a beautiful personal fragrance.  Add a few drops to a carrier oil for massage.  You can also experiment combining with other oils to create your own signature fragrance. Add a couple drops to your moisturizer or make your own with a carrier oil to help balance skin moisture levels and enhance the healthy appearance of your skin.  A few drops (3 – 4) can be added to a diffuser to give a calming effect to your home. “Just inhaling the unmistakable scent of rose oil is said by many to be relaxing.” (Faith in Nature)

Faith in Nature web site also tells us that rose oil may benefit regeneration of cell tissue which would be beneficial for aging skin.  This site also refers to the calming effects of rose oil and its antibacterial and antiseptic qualities.  

Another site stated that in a 2015 study, children who inhaled rose oil reported a significant decrease in their pain levels.  Researchers believe the rose oil stimulated the release of endorphins.  This site also reports that in a 2013 study, patients with menstrual pain received abdominal massages to relieve their pain – one group massaged with rose oil (in a carrier oil) reported less cramping pain than the almond oil alone group.

A Bit of History and Scientific Info

Rose is often called the “Queen of Oils”.  We all know the beautiful flower and aroma of the rose, but did you know in medieval Europe “rose juice” was used medicinally as a cure all.

There are numerous uses for rose oil. Cosmetically rose oil is said to be good for all skin types, especially sensitive and aging skin. It reportedly aids in soothing inflammation and treating eczema and herpes. Of course, the fragrance is a popular perfume and can be combined with other oils. I combine it with neroli in a roll-on in a sweet almond or coconut carrier oil.

Rose oil has also been reported to aid with menstrual discomfort and post-partum depression.  There are also reports of rose oil toning the digestive system, stimulating, and strengthening the liver, stimulating bile secretion, and relieving liver congestion. May be beneficial in relieving nausea, vomiting, and heart palpitations.

The sensual nature of the rose encourages us to be loving, caring, and compassionate to ourselves and others.  The rose is also reported to reduce stress and tension – a hug when we need one, it is calming when anxious.  (N. Purchon & L. Cantele, 2014).

Some scientific research has been conducted, though much more is suggested and recommended.  Mohebitabar, et al. (2017) present numerous findings.  In the study “physiological and psychological relaxation, analgesic and anti-anxiety effects” were observed.  

Persian medicine has also alleged rose oil to have anti-inflammatory, anti-infective, and wound healing properties.  It has also been used for headaches, hemorrhoids, GI inflammation and muscle pain (Shirazi, 2008, Sina, 2005, in Mohebitar, et al.).  Note that there have been no human studies related to these alleged properties.

Mohebitar, et al, (2017) also report some pharmacological studies that have suggested effects on the central nervous system – hypnotic, anti-convulsant, anti-depressant, anti-anxiety, and analgesic activities plus lessening of morphine withdrawal signs. (Mohebitar, et al.).  Reportedly it is suggested that rose oil has wide-spectrum antibacterial and antifungal properties against some pathogens.  Refer to the article by Mohebitar, et al for more detailed information.

Areas of investigation in human studies have suggested analgesic and anti-depressant properties with no reported side effects (Mohebitar, et al).


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The Benefits of Rose Oil and How to Use it.

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