Everything Works Out in the end: If it hasn’t worked out, it’s not the End.

What if you made this your intention? Merriam Webster online Dictionary states these definitions for intention:

1a: what one intends to do or bring about

 b: the object for which a prayer, mass, or pious act is offered

2: a determination to act in a certain wayRESOLVE

 I like it. I first heard this when I watched “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel”. A wonderful movie that touches many emotions. Overall, I found it quite uplifting.

“Everything works out in the end; if it hasn’t worked out, it’s not the end” (Tracy McMillan; The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel) -– what do you think of that quote?

I’ve decided to make that my intention.

I have a good life. My mom raised me & my brother on her own. I only realized we had been poor after I became older & no longer lived at home. I married young, barely 17, a high school drop out & pregnant. Our second child arrived 20 months after the first. I think my husband & I might have been poor too. It just wasn’t something I dwelled on. We had food & shelter & were happy. What more could I want? But – it wasn’t the end.

As time went on my husband & I divorced. I returned to school (many times), initially becoming an RN, which I loved & it was my career. I remarried. Over time we (my second husband & I) made enough money that I could no longer call myself poor. It still wasn’t the end.

Life is not perfect – nothing is. I have had some health problems the last few years – autoimmune disorders & a couple of cancers. I continue to enjoy life. I am taking a couple of courses in HeartMath to expand my knowledge with them & I hope they will positively add to my coaching skills. Still not the end.

There are times when my depression gives me a jolt. Fortunately, I have always come through without too much disruption to my life & never having to miss work. Despite the depression & the more recent health issues I maintain – I have a good life. I am a senior, still learning, I have many plans & am still finding new adventures & fun. I haven’t accomplished all I want by any means & still have plans that will take many years to fulfill. Will I achieve everything I am setting out to do? Who knows & does it really matter?

Everything has not worked out yet. I have things that I continue to seek, many of them spiritual, some passions that I am striving to attain & some fun yet to be had – so obviously it is not the end.

With any luck I have another 30 years to go. I might tire out before then & if I do – it has been good. In the meantime, I will enjoy life, knowing that, though some things have worked out, there are still things that haven’t. I will continue to work on those – when they have worked out – well we will see. I know my spirit will live on, so it still isn’t the end.

What are your plans for the future? Will everything work out for you? And if it does, will you be content that you might have reached the end? Even when things have worked out does that mean everything has worked out – I think there is always more.

Enjoy the now, there are no guarantees for the future. I choose to think positively, everything will work out. I hope you will think so too.

Give me a shout if you need some help ‘working things out’.

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