Ikigai: A Reason for Being

Are you looking for something more from life?

I hear from lots of people who want something more. When asked to be specific, they often can’t identify what it is they want. Some people want a new job, some want to own a home of their own, some want better health, and others just don’t have any idea, they just feel something is missing.

I can’t remember how I came across the work “Ikigai”. That doesn’t matter; I found the word intriguing, so I needed to know more. There is much more to read and learn but just getting started is fascinating and I hope I can help you find “A Reason for Being”.


Doesn’t this look and sound like a little bit of alright?

I want to dig a bit deeper and learn more. What is your Reason for Being? Examine the four questions presented in the image: What do you love? What does the world need? What are you good at? What can you be paid for? These four things can help you find your Ikigai. Give these some serious thought and record your thoughts, in whatever form works best for you (writing, audio, video). Take your time and revisit over a period of time.

What Do You Love?

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When you consider what you love, think people, places, activities, pets, food, music, and everything else that enters your life. What do you do that makes you lose track of time?

I love life, my husband, and my family. I love my dog. There are numerous people I could name that I love. Though I don’t consider myself to have artistic talents I love to sew, knit, garden, paint, draw, and all kinds of crafty type of things. I love games and puzzles, things that challenge my brain.

I love writing and sharing my thoughts and feelings. Sometimes, I just want to write but not necessarily share. Other times I would like to share my thoughts and feelings anonymously – maybe, I need a pseudonym.

When I think about this category for Ikigai, I think about the things that are important to me. These could be called my values, but they are more than values. I don’t really know how to explain them. Some of them are passions. I know I do have a passion for wanting to help others. That had a lot to do with my becoming a nurse. I sometimes let some of my passions and loves slide and when I do, I soon find I’m not happy. Though I often don’t figure that out for quite some time.

Knowing what you love and being able to link that to what you are good at can be a real benefit.

What Are You Good At?

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What do you know you are good at and what do others say you are good at? These are your talents, your strengths. Ask others, don’t rely on yourself for this. We often have trouble seeing our own talents and strengths. These do not have to be big items. Some people are excellent cooks or bakers, some are wonderful homemakers, great parents, gardeners, sewers, painters, writers, poets, listeners, or great at organization, or a million other possibilities.

As you think about what you are good at, think back to your childhood. What are things you used to do that you were good at but that have been put aside for whatever reason? I love gardening, the smell of flowers and the outside, I love the smell of cooking, perfumes, and oodles of other scents. I recently took a course to become an aromatherapy practitioner. I love essential oils and experimenting with blending their scents and creating blends to use for minor health concerns. I love these and I am good at creating them.

For almost as long as I can remember I have had a superb intuition and when I haven’t paid attention to that little voice inside, I have usually paid the price. Several times in my life I have dabbled in paying more attention to my intuition or developing it to a new level. Like aromatherapy and essential oils, I let it slide. I am working on exploring my spirituality, my feminine being, the witch inside me, and I am loving what I am discovering. And – wow – doesn’t this all go together? I might just have expanded my reason for being.

What Does the World Need?

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The world needs love, kindness, and caring. These are things I can deliver. My nursing background supports one element of caring with love and kindness. My love of the earth, scents, and creating help me to do what is best for our earth and all the inhabitants.

Our world, our earth, needs our care. When we live with love, kindness, and caring we are creating a beautiful, sustainable world.

The world needs peace. As I write that statement what comes to mind is ‘how can there not be peace when we inhale the beautiful fragrances of nature?’

What do you see the world needing? What of your loves and things are you good at that can benefit the world? Once again, these do not need to be big. The kindness you show to others is something the world needs. If you are a server, you are needed in this world. If you are a parent, this world needs parents. Some of what the world needs can lead to you making money, or you can also choose to volunteer or just be.

What Can You Be Paid For?

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I have been paid for being a nurse, and an assistant professor of nursing. Two of my passions – caring and teaching. Now retired from nursing and teaching I continue to share my caring and teaching through my blogs, posts on social media, and life and leadership coaching. I’ve been adding in bits of spirituality and use of essential oils as I coach and talk to people.

I don’t have a desire to build a huge business. I don’t want to work that hard. But I do want to be of help and make the world a better place, and if I can, make some money to cover my expenses. I have many ideas for sharing my newfound information about essential oils and to have some fun while teaching and helping others to enjoy their life to the fullest.

The Venn Diagram

Note the other sections in the Venn diagram above: Passion, Vocation, Profession, Mission. How do these fit into each of the four sections we have just examined? Depending on your stage of life the importance of these might vary. Being a retired, senior I am not looking at my profession and vocation as money-making ventures. But my Passion and Mission in life remain important for me to feel fulfilled.

I am happy with my life. My life is not perfect, but if nothing changes, I am still pleased, I have a good life. I remain curious, I like to learn, and maybe what I have can be better. Maybe, I can help someone else have a better life.

Where Are You?

Do a deep dive into your soul and discover your Reason for Being.

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Give me a shout if I can help you to explore your Reason for Being.

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