Making Life Beautiful

by Claire Louise Bjerkan

My dear friend, Claire wrote this beautiful message. I am pleased she has given me permission to share. When I took part in one of her programs she shared her ideas about values – an awakening for me. I hope you enjoy her message as much as I have & re-examine your values – what lights up your life?

This is a really big driving force in my life, one of my sacred values is Beauty and actually many of the women I work with also share this value.

Our core values are those invisible forces that drive our lives.

When I guide women to their beautiful life of joy, radiance and abundance we spend a lot of time looking at values, I mean REALLY looking and not just choosing words from a list that sound good.

So many people believe their values are things like “honesty, integrity, hard work, accountability,” etc BUT I see these more as characteristics of most decent people. After all, who would ever say that they are not honest?

Sacred Core Values go deeper, they are not just characteristics, they are feelings, emotions, forces that help you step into alignment and live in energies of authenticity, joy and well-being.

When you live in these energies, you manifest beautiful matches from the Universe and that is how you create your beautiful life.

The Game of Life is one of Attraction not Chase, but it does take guidance and courage to be consistent with this approach, especially in a world that encourages us to feel never enough and tries to keep us locked in fear.

It also takes courage, belief and trust to step back, relax and just be rather than go go go, which is so often a mask for lack of self worth, belief and trust.

I spent as much time as I could in the garden yesterday, tuning into the earth and recalibrating my energy and I saw this beautiful little plant which had managed to grow through my stone wall.

🤍My home and garden is my Living Vision Board🤍

“Woodruff” A Sacred Herb used to line Christ’s manger.

You see the more you tune into Beauty, the more you attract Beauty.

Do you really know who you are, what you desire and how you want your life to feel like, look and be?

When we don’t we randomly manifest all sorts of things into our lives that consistently match our vibration

If you desire beauty, focus on feeling beauty energetically

If you desire abundance, allow yourself to feel abundant

If you desire love, be that love.

It all starts within us……

MY NEW PROGRAM to guide you to a life that you love is coming soon………..


Claire. x

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