What Comes Before, What Comes After?

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Do we communicate before we are born? Do we communicate after we die? Having spent some time grieving the death of my dear friend I feel compelled to share some of my thoughts, questions, and beliefs.

Have you heard that we choose our parents?  So interesting if you think about this as an adult.  Would you pick those parents again?  If we chose them, was it so we would learn from them or they would learn from us, or a bit of both?  Would your life have been easier if you’d had different parents?  So many things to think about. 

Do you believe in reincarnation?  Do we come back to this earth after our death?  If so, how many times, and can it be as a human or an animal?  Do we keep coming back until we get it right?  Are there angels, demons, ghosts, or other entities not in physical form?  Or do these entities inhabit the bodies of others? 

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Do the dead communicate with us?  How, when, or why?  Do the dead communicate with us to help us or harm us? What would be the purpose of our dearly departed staying in communication? 

What kind of experiences have you had with ethereal or other-worldly beings? 

I have chosen to believe that there are beings, or forces who do communicate with us. When we die, are we simply no more; do we merely come from nothing and return to nothing?  We have learned that energy can neither be created nor destroyed and we are made up of energy: The First Law of Thermodynamics.  Everything is made of energy, including the human body.

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Energy is defined as the capacity to perform work. According to the First Law of Thermodynamics, the total amount of energy in the universe is constant — incapable of being created or destroyed — and can only change from one form to another.


I am more than my physical body. When my body is no longer able to stay on this earth my spirit will continue to live on in some form. In the last few years, many people close to me have left this earth; their bodies were no longer able to survive in this environment. These were talented, strong, giving individuals with much to offer.  As such I find it hard to conceive that they just stopped being.  With so much to offer to the world a new form was necessary for them to continue their work and to share their important messages.  Our role, the role for those of us inhabiting early bodies, is to listen and be aware of all that is present in mind, body, and spirit. Be a part of the universe and be cognizant that it is more than we yet know.

Make the most of your time in this world. Share your love and kindness, always be curious. Enjoy life to the fullest. Check out my other blogs.

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