Abundance, Gratitude, and The 12 Universal Laws

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We have heard about the importance of gratitude, that all around us is abundance, and about the law of attraction. There are also 12 Universal Laws, one of which is the Law of Attraction. I am sharing the 12 Laws of Attraction with you and some commentary about them. Why would I bother to do this? I want to share the information I learn and that I believe will help you have the life of your dreams. No one size fits all, as a result, I share a wide variety of information. You choose what resonates with you.

I have been on a spiritual journey for several years.  Currently, I am exploring manifestation.  Part of this exploration includes examining the 12 Universal Laws.  What better way for me to learn and understand these than to share them with others?  One of my exercises on my manifestation journey is to listen to Bob Proctor’s Abundance Meditation.  I am including the link for you. 

When I heard Bob Proctor say “If you can hold it in your head, you can hold it in your hand” I was thrilled. (Bob Proctor, Abundance Meditation)  I have long believed if you can think it, you or someone, can make it so.  You might be ahead of your time with your thoughts, I encourage you to maintain your sense of curiosity and imagination. 

My journey has involved many people and ideas.  Some with which I agree, some I don’t.  Nonetheless, in most cases, at least one of the laws has been mentioned and discussed.  Why do we want to consider these laws?  Of what value might they be to us? 

One reason to explore these laws is to help discover a more spiritually aligned life.  With each law, I have included how you might be able to apply it to your life.  But remember, you make the choice, one size does not fit all.  You choose what works for you to get you the life you want. 

The 12 Universal Laws

The 12 Universal Laws are thought to be intrinsic, unchanging laws of our universe that ancient cultures have always intuitively known. (Sarah Regan)

Law of Divine Oneness

All things are interconnected.  Every thought, action, or event is connected to anything and everything else.  Use of this law in real life to help develop your compassionate nature and greater understanding of others and their situation.  We are all one.  Understanding this law and living in accordance leads to increased power and empathy.

Law of Vibration

a photo of a singing bowl

Everything is in constant motion, carrying energy, and vibrating at a specific frequency.  This applies to people, as in good vibes.  If you are having a bad day, you can elevate your frequency by practicing yoga, sound breathing (such as using a singing bowl), and chakra work.

Law of Correspondence

reflection of buildings on body of water
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As above, so below.  Patterns repeat – both personally and throughout the universe. Regan quotes Kaiser

“If our life is chaotic and fearful it’s because there is chaos and fear within. If our life seems calm and grounded, it is because we feel peace within.”

When things aren’t going well for you ask what you are meant to learn about yourself, and what inner healing you might need. What patterns do you repeat in your life?  If you were to change a repeated pattern, what transformation would you expect to see?

Law of Attraction

Like attracts like.  This law suggests what you focus on is what you get.  This is the law often used in manifestation.  To have the things we want in our life, we need to work to vibrate at the same frequency as the chosen item.  Being positive, proactive, and loving attracts more of the same.

Focus on what you want rather than what you don’t want.”

Law of Inspired Action

Though similar to the Law of Attraction, this law tells us we must take action to get what we want.  We must actively pursue our goals and desires.  You must take inspired, real, actionable steps to invite what you want in your life. 

Apply this law by slowing down, getting quiet, and allowing space for internal guidance.  Look within.  Be open to all possibilities.  Whether you take a big or small step toward what you want, you instantly attract that relationship, job, or abundance you seek.

Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy

beautiful waving sea splashing on shore
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Everything around us is in constant flux, ever-evolving.  Many of the changes exist or occur at the cellular or atomic level, nonetheless, they continue.  Every action is preceded by a thought.  Thoughts have the power to eventually become our physical reality.

Have you been around a negative person and soon found yourself becoming down or being negative?  That is an example of how this Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy works in daily life.  Of course, it can work the other way too, being around a positive person (positive energy, high vibration) can bring your vibrations up and have you feeling more positive.  You can raise the positive energy around you by maintaining positive thoughts and actions.

Law of Cause and Effect

All actions have a corresponding reaction.   

This law highlights the direct relation between actions and events.

You might not see the effects immediately, but they will come around. Your spiritual life can affect the world around you, positively or negatively.  And your environment can influence your spirituality. Everything you put out into the universe has a ripple effect. Every one of your actions will have a reaction – good or bad. What are you putting out?

Law of Compensation

This law is similar to the Laws of Correspondence and Attraction.  You will receive what you put out.  You reap what you sow, be careful how you treat others and the planet.  What you seek you will find if you contribute to that goal.

To put this law into practice ask yourself “What can I do to be of service and to support others today?”

Law of Relativity

judgement scale and gavel in judge office
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This law is about the neutrality of things when seen in isolation (everything is neutral).  No specific person, experience, emotion, or action is evaluated as good or bad until you compare it with something else. There are always multiple perspectives and perceptions about anything that happens to you.  Considering these alternate perspectives can make you more grateful and show you how to make improvements in your life.

While I don’t support the idea of comparing ourselves to others because it so often supports the erroneous ideas that we are not good enough, or not worthy, I do support comparison if it can help us see what we have.  This is a good law to help us identify the abundance we have and to be grateful for all our wealth.

Law of Polarity

Everything has an opposite; good and evil, hot and cold, love and fear.  There are two sides to every coin. 

When you experience something difficult, this law will help you appreciate the good developments to come.  This law also helps improve your resilience in troubled times.  What is the contrast to the current situation or circumstance?  How will this help you appreciate your current status?

Law of Rhythm

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orange and blue and white snow forest
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Also known as the Law of Perpetual Motion, it is focused on movement.  Consider the seasons, aging, and life stages as examples of this law.  Reflection on these can help you gain perspective.  Enjoy what you have while it lasts.

We do not remain the same, nothing remains the same, there is constant evolution. Pay attention to your body, your inner voice, when your body and mind are tired – rest. 

Law of Gender

yin yang symbol on brown beach sand
Photo by Jben Beach Art on Pexels.com

There are two major types of energy, masculine and feminine, yin and yang.  All things have both types of energy. 

We must find a way to achieve a balance between the two.  Think about the role each type of energy plays in your life and if there is a deficit or excess of either.  Try to have a balance of energy.




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