Never Too Old to Learn

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Life has been incredibly busy the last little while.  Nonetheless, I continue to learn, after all, we are never too old to learn. We’ve seen lots of people, family, friends, acquaintances, and even met new people.  What more could we want from life?  One thing I would like more of is the ability to be nonjudgmental.  Though I am usually non-judgmental and compassionate, I am human and at times catch myself being just what I don’t want to be – judgmental. 

Being Non-Judgmental

Though I pride myself in accepting other people as they are, I recently found myself being a bit smug as I proclaimed I could accept others’ beliefs and behaviours as part of who they are.  Having been around so many people recently I became aware of the need to remind myself that we all see and experience things differently.  I needed to remind myself we all have a variety of reasons for believing, feeling, and behaving as we do.  I do not need to agree with you, your beliefs, or your actions.  But it is important to me that I accept you as you are.  If you are not doing anything that causes harm there is no reason for me to let your beliefs, actions, or behaviours upset me.  I cannot change you.  We are all individuals and we do not fully understand what another person is experiencing.  One of my core values is to be non-judgmental, but I find I need to be mindful of this at times when I do not agree with others. 

We each create our own reality.  What life and reality are you living at this moment?  Are you living a life of scarcity or abundance; love or hate; kindness or pain; health or unwellness; kind and giving relationships or loneliness?  Remember, where our focus goes our energy flows.  With that in mind, I am reminded to focus on my own high vibrational energy.  We are made of energy.  Our energy field extends beyond our physical body and can influence what others are feeling.  Of course, the energy fields of others will also influence what we are feeling.  What energy are you putting out?

Our Vibrations

Because every cell in every biological system on Earth is bathed in an external and internal environment of fluctuating invisible magnetic fields of a wide range of frequencies, these fields can affect virtually every cell and circuit in biological systems.

Have you ever had someone walk into the room and you get a good ‘vibe’ and notice an immediate change in the ‘feeling’ of the room?  Some people lift the vibrational level to a point where there is a feeling of happiness and joy.  Other people can walk into a room, and you get a bad ‘vibe’, the vibrational level can fall, and the room is filled with sadness, even anger and hostility.  This tells me that if I don’t like the ‘atmosphere’ or ‘vibe’ of the physical space I am in then it is up to me to change my vibration and in turn, this will change the vibration of others.  Will this be easy to do?  Not likely.  Is this worth doing?  By all means. 

How can we change our vibrational level?  The first thing that must occur is awareness.  We need to be aware of our current vibrational level.  Secondly, ask what kind of vibe you would like to be experiencing.  Next, breathe and focus on the positive vibrational state you would like to experience.  This last step involves picturing the state, feeling the state, and living in the state. 

Neuroplasticity and Manifesting Your Dreams

There’s a dynamic process that allows our brain’s structure and function to be modified based on our experiences, learning, and the environment we’re in.

I’m currently involved in a Manifestation course.  I love it.  I have long believed that if we can think it we can have it or do it.  Nothing is impossible.  I also have a great interest in the brain and neuroplasticity.  This all comes together in my brain as an obvious connection.  I found an article to help me understand this – I encourage you to give it a boo.

The way I look at this is the same as I look at the Placebo Effect – so long as something is not being overlooked, what can it hurt to try?  Maybe I am being simplistic with this train of thought, but so far it has worked for me. 

Manifesting My Dreams

My dreams require me to be healthy.  I value time with my family, and I want to be able to work in my garden and go for walks in our wonderful neighbourhood with my husband and dog; I want to help others through my coaching and writing, and to be able to give to my friends and family – if I am not healthy, I cannot do these things.  If I am not healthy, I will need help and care from my friends and family and feel I would be a burden to them – I do not want that situation.  Thus, my health is my number one priority. 

My Digital Vision Board

I read about making a digital vision board so it could be loaded onto phones, and social media – of course I immediately created one.  It was easy, I am going to do more.  These dreams/visions either are or will become a reality.  Note the two dog photos – one is our dog Sadie. We said goodbye to her in October 2022. The other is our dog, Napi who we adopted in November 2022.  We hadn’t realized how much they looked alike till we saw photos of the two of them – I guess there is a look that attracts us – mostly the smiles. This is a very simple vision board, with a few important items for my life. A good start, I think.

I’m a life-long believer in jotting down my goals.  Though I have creative abilities, drawing is not one of them, so creating a vision board means finding photos or clippings of what I want.  This vision board identifies some of the things that are important to me – the outdoors, my garden, my family (including my dog), essential oils (they help with my health), and a beautiful home. My values and goals are expressed in the pictures on my vision board.


Compassion begins with self-compassion. Once you can love and accept yourself as you are, you will find it easier to accept others as they are.

Never Too Old to Learn

I continue to be curious and learn new things and learn about myself (after all, we are all a work in progress, and I can use more work on not being smug, or judgmental).  I still have work to do to become a better person.  I am thrilled to be learning more about manifesting, essential oils, and neuroplasticity.  There is so much in this world for all of us to learn about – enjoy your curiosity.

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