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Over the last few years, I have been hearing about “Grounding”.  As is my usual practice I had to read up on this more.  Afterall, if Deepak Chopra was recommending grounding, then there just might be something there.  I tended to think of being grounded as being down to earth, practical, or realistic.  That being said, if we are grounded does that eliminate dreaming, manifestation, spirituality, or even being?

When I read about physical grounding, barefoot on the earth, I was thrilled.  Being barefoot has been natural for me since childhood.  I love the feel of earth, grass, sand, even stones beneath my feet.  They all feel so good and transport me to what feels like a different realm. But as I decided to delve into grounding a bit more here is some of what I found.

Some of the meanings depend on the context, but generally, refer to a state of being emotionally stable, mentally present, and connected to reality. Here are some common interpretations of what it means to be grounded:

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Emotional Stability: Being emotionally grounded means you are in control of your emotions and can remain calm and composed even in challenging or stressful situations. Emotional grounding involves understanding your feelings, acknowledging them, and managing them in a healthy way.

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Connected to Reality: Grounded in reality is having a realistic and accurate perception of the world around you (Is this possible? Is my reality the same as your reality?)  Reality grounding involves recognizing the difference between your thoughts, emotions, and objective facts. People who are grounded in reality are less likely to engage in wishful thinking or denial (is this something you want? I like the idea of dreaming, wishing, hoping, as these are part of the life I want).

Mental Presence: To be mentally grounded is to be fully present in the moment and focused on what is happening right now. Mental grounding means not dwelling on the past or worrying excessively about the future. Mindfulness practices, such as meditation, can help cultivate mental grounding.

Physical Grounding: This can refer to the physical sensation of being connected to the Earth, such as feeling the support of the ground beneath your feet. Activities like walking barefoot on grass or soil are said to help people feel physically grounded.  This is a grounding to which I relate – I love this.

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Spiritual or Energetic Grounding: In some spiritual or holistic practices, grounding can refer to connecting with the Earth’s energy or centring your own energy. This is often done through visualization or specific exercises to balance one’s energy.  This too, is a grounding to which I relate.  The Earth’s energy and the energy of all those around us influence our life more than we often are aware.

    Stability and Security: In a practical sense, being grounded can also mean having a stable and secure foundation in life. This could include financial stability, a stable home environment, or a strong support system of friends and family.  This version of grounding is something we often strive to achieve.  Though there is nothing wrong with being practical and it serves us well in our daily lives, I like the idea of also being able to be wistful, to have fun, and to be anything but practical at times – the joie de vivre.

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    Overall, being grounded implies a state of balance, stability, and mindfulness that helps individuals navigate life’s challenges with a clear and steady mind. I have no problem with this take on being grounded, but I find it is a bit restrictive as stated – balance, stability, and mindfulness can all be positive qualities, but let’s not forget about having fun, exploring life, and choosing to be impractical at times.  Live life to the fullest!

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