What Vibes Are You Sending Out? What Vibes Are You Receiving?

We aren’t happy all the time. That is life. We have ups and downs, good days and bad days. We have a vast array of emotions, each one legitimate. Our feelings and emotions aren’t always rational, but they are still there. We often know that what we feel isn’t rational and often regret when we react in less than ideal way. But we do it repeatedly, often with the ‘explanation’ or ‘excuse’ that we are just being honest. Maybe so, but we are not enjoying the wonderful life we deserve and we are wasting our precious energy. “But,” you say “it is just the way I feel”. True, but what if you could change the way you respond and in so doing cut down the energy drain and feel better? Below is a link to a HeartMath(TM) article that will help guide you to being in control of your emotional responses.


Where is the Scientific Proof?

Though the idea may seem strange to many, and it is hard to show scientific proof, it also doesn’t cost any thing, nor does it have adverse effects, so why not give it a try? I’m happy to go along with the placebo effect if it makes life better.

When you are hurt, grieving, or feeling low do you sometimes just want a hug? Have you experienced a sense of calm relaxation during a massage? What sensations do you experience when you kiss and caress your lover? Touch is important. And what about the energy you feel when certain people come into the room? Seeing some people immediately lifts you up while other immediately bring you down. Why? They are giving off energy.

We are made up of energy. Our brain waves are measured with EEGs, our hearts are evaluated with ECGs, and our muscles are tested with EMGs – these all measure the electricity conduction of the various areas of our bodies.

Check out the following article to learn more.


Never doubt that even when you say nothing you are communicating with others. Your energy, your vibrations are radiating to others. Make sure yours are positive.

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