What is HeartMath? Where did that name come from?

Although the words “heart” and “math” are rarely used together, HeartMath Institute and HeartMath LLC founder Doc Childre felt their combination reflected the two essential aspects of our work.

Heart: The word heart has meaning to almost everyone. When we think of heart, we think not only of the physical heart but also qualities such as wisdom, love, compassion, courage and strength — the higher emotions of human beings.

MathMath is commonly understood as a comprehensive system of equations, formulas and ways of understanding the world. In the context of HeartMath, it refers to the stepping stones or nuts and bolts of systematically unfolding the qualities of the heart. It also refers to physiological and psychological equations for accessing and developing the heart’s incredible intelligence.

The name HeartMath represents both of these aspects in our exploration of the heart. https://www.heartmath.org/support/faqs/heartmath-system-faqs/

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