Fear, Freedom, & Control

Would You Rather Be Loved or Feared?

Considering what the whole world is going through now & how afraid many people are, I thought this was a good time to share & discuss the topic of fear.

I don’t imagine this is the first time you have heard that people can be controlled with fear. Think back to world history & your own life. I’m sure you were threatened with punishment when you were a child. World history is full of wars & conquering leaders.

Many people are living in fear now, due to COVID-19. Let’s examine that fear. We were initially afraid because we didn’t know much about the disease. Then as we learned more, our fear was not abated, there was no good news. Think about this, we are still afraid & the government is continuing to spread fear, whether or not it is warranted. Besides the fear of getting ill with COVID, we are afraid because of financial changes personal & nationally. Many people have lost their jobs, businesses have shut down. We have not seen loved ones, family, or friends in a very long time. Can you imagine our seniors in long-term care homes being on their own – how afraid they must have been, & still are? I’m not sure locking down our long-term care centers was the best thing.

How does fear control us? If a wild animal, i.e. bear is approaching you, your reaction is fear – that makes sense & you will do whatever you can to save your life. If you see a car coming straight at you, going the wrong way on a one-way highway – fear is appropriate.

In many countries, the citizens fear for their lives as corrupt governments take over, & killing or imprisonment is, unfortunately, the norm. Would you rather pay large amounts of money & remain safe, or face prison or death? The large sums of money will leave you with not enough to support your family, to provide food, shelter, medical care, let alone education. Governments often promote fear as a way to control their citizens.

Think of the various religions in the world? Again, fear is spread. If you do not get the blessing of a specific religion & follow their practices you won’t go to heaven, you won’t be with your loved ones after death: your illnesses are a punishment for your “bad” behaviour. If we do not behave in school we are threatened with extra work, detention, or expulsion. On the job, ‘toe the company line’ or lose your job. All of these are examples of control by fear.

Do you fear cancer, heart attack, nuclear war, biological war, or poverty, these are not irrational fears; what can you do to eliminate or decrease your fear?

All information suggests that fear can be used to manipulate. Fear strips us of using our mind’s power to reason & act.

What can we do? Knowledge!! Knowledge is the cure to fear. I don’t suggest we live in fear of everything but, I do suggest you ask questions, be skeptical of the information you hear & read. Check out more than one source; CBC & CTV, CNN & Fox, BBC, & Al Jazeera to get the various slants on world events. Review scientific & other scholarly journals.

For a government or radical group to take over numerous small changes are repeatedly made. Once we are comfortable with one small change, then another is introduced. Be alert to what is happening in your world.

The link below is to a short video lecture that I found extremely interesting. Enjoy.

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